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WOOD LOT IS..***closed*** ...Due to HEAT
$25 per Load YOU MUST Purchase your wood permit from Walkers Saw Shop
See The Maps & Supply Check List Below
  • 1 Never Go Alone
  • 2 Husqvarna Chain Oil And mixed gas
  • 3 Husqvarna Safety chaps or safety pants
  • 4 Husqvarna Hard hat c/w face screen
  • 5 Husqvarna Safety glasses
  • 6 Chainsaw Files
  • 7 Wood permit
  • 8 Wood lot map
  • 9 Proper foot wear
  • 10 Always secure your load
  • 11 Spare Husqvarna chain saw
  • 12 Axe and or Splitting Maul

1) The Permittee shall ensure that no debris is deposited into streams, culverts or ditches.

2) The Permittee shall not sell or trade any firewood obtained under this permit.

3) The Permittee shall obey all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws as well as all Company rules, regulations, and road signs and shall comply with any instructions issued by Company personnel.

4) The Permittee assumes all risk of personal injury and damage to property and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Permittee acknowledges that he will use Company roads, bridges and other facilities absolutely at his own risk.

5) The Permittee shall indemnify the Company against any and all claims or other liability of any nature and brought by any person and arising from or out of the Permiltee’s activities.

6) The Permittee will not start any fires of any kind and will immediately report any fires to the Company.

7) The Company may. in its sole discretion, revoke this permit at any time and for any reason.

8) The Permittee shall not damage, cut or remove live trees without written permission from the Company.

9) This pemit is valid only if signed and only for the date indicated and must be purchased from Walkers Saw Shop.

10) The permittee shall have proper foot wear , Chainsaw Safety pants or chaps, and approved head gear and safety glasses

11) Woodlot hours and days are subject to change without notice, Please refer back to this site for up to date schedules