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MaxFlow Air Filter for Stihl® MS 660/066Magnum Chainsaws - KIT

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MF 660 066

MaxFlow® Air Filter for Stihl® Models MS660MHD, MS660MRHD, 066 MagnumHD, 066 Magnum RHD. High flow, washable kit includes everything you need to convert your saw: Two foam elements, (one green for standard cutting and one white for extreme cutting  conditions), Maxflow® cage with, custom fit rain cover and nut plate for use  without cover.  30 years of testing has produced the very best foam elements for maximum efficiency. Why chance buying an imitation when you can own the original MaxFlow®!

This helps your saw breath better during prolonged use in adverse conditions, resulting in smoother running and more power.  Unlike pleated filters, MaxFlow filter elements are washable and  re-useable so they last longer and cost less.  Foam elements do require the use of foam filter oil (sold separately).

For 30 years MaxFlow filters have featured only ONE  PIECE elements with no glued seams to fall apart.

MaxFlow filter kit replaces the HD2 or HD Stihl Pleated Air Filter P/N: 1124-120-1620 or 0000-120-1654

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